Phish Friday | Scotty B’s First Show

For today’s Phish Friday, I wanted to feature and highlight a fantastic post I read the other day over at Hidden Track, the Glide Magazine blog. We don’t link to those guys nearly enough, especially lately. The content that these guys put together is really top notch and I’m super glad to see that their blog has taken on a personality of its own above and beyond Glide Magazine’s original audience. Scott Bernstein is now the main editor of the site — he actually did a post or two on LMB years ago in the “early” days — and he wrote up a fantastic post on 14 year anniversary of the first show he saw. April 15, 1994 brought the band to the Beacon Theater in New York, and Scotty’s runthrough on the show is exactly the type of Phish Fridays we hope to feature here. He writes with wide-eyed amazement at how much this show really changed his appreciation for the band and music in general, so in some ways, this show really did change his life.

The best part is the comment thread, though, especially when Scott’s mom drops by to leave a comment that truly touched me…

Wasn’t I the only “50 something” year old at the then Garden State Arts Center at a “Phish” concert.

And when I met Trey at an airport in Florida, didn’t I recognize him, and have him call you on my cell phone.

Did I not put my brand new Mercedes on the railroad tracks so that the conductor couldn’t move when we were a minute late for the train that was taking you to a concert?

As many memories that you have Scott, I have almost as many…your most wonderful. wonderful friends from all over who used to sleep over before, during and after tours.

Waiting on line for tickets, wearing wrist bands, having kids recognize me.

I loved the Phish days, even though I never really understood them. I only knew that if you put your body, mind, and soul in doing legitimate work… the way you organized your Phish tours, one day you would be rich and famous and buy me a condo.

I love you Scott, Phrom the bottom of my heart!

I did actually tear up a bit when I read that, especially considering how right she nailed that comment. She used the “ph!” Holy crap that rules.

Read the full post and press play below to get the full stream of the show. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

Phish – Beacon Theater [imeem]