Phish Friday | R&R on Anniversary Day

Today was a day of anniversary in the Phish world, as Coventry, Lemonwheel, and Clifford Ball all occurred around this weekend in the years past when the band was busy taking over the live music underground (although I wouldn’t present the festivals in order of the band’s playing prowess). I started to get fired up thinking about the supposed Phish reunion taking place sometime next year, but then I got really eager and just over-excited myself. There’s something about me and Fridays that don’t really get along lately, so I was happy to turn over to one of the more unexciting (on purpose) moments in Phish history to ease my weary mind into a state of relaxation.

Let’s head back to Lemonwheel, once again

“At the festival, the band had the audience make candles throughout the weekend. At the end of the first show, the band lined the stage with the candles, turned out all the lights, and played one long, quiet, ambient jam.” [Wikipedia]

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

Too bad I had to work all day and I couldn’t hang out with Andy and the Hidden Track guys over at the impromptu Phish Friday jam session webcast, so then I got cranky. And I’m not going to see STS9 tonight because I wasn’t a fan club member and I didn’t get to the announcement in time to get tickets before it sold-out. Bah!