10/15 & 10/16 - Poster by Ames Bros © 2010.

A few quick updates on this Phriday because show time is upon us!

First up, The from Vermont tackle the only southern portion of this brief fall tour @ North Coliseum in , SC this evening. After the mixed results in Broomfield, this Friday/Saturday combo of shows could and should provide a great setup for the final nine Northeast shows. Over @phishnet, some have started a campaign on to #continuethemeatstick. When the lights go out, start the chorus…

Second, this great video interview of discussing being a musician (and glowstick wars of all things) just dropped on the net. I’ve heard this is part of few for an upcoming film entitled, . A very watch.

Third, we can’t go too long in a Phish piece without referencing . Coming off Trey’s recent comments in LA Times that they band is definitely practicing for a musical costume, our friends over @dogoneblog highlighted an interesting excerpt from a 2004 Jan/Dec Issue of Magazine. In the past, Trey’s choices have been ’s Another Green World & & Tapes. Hmmmm…

Lights go down any minute, and the crowd is already singing “Meatstick.” 2010!

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