Phish Friday | Normal Revisited

Phish 1999-10-04 Makisupa Policeman, Normal, IL [YouTube]

Out of nowhere and completely on a whim, I decided to scan through YouTube lately for a chance that someone would have videos up from the first Phish show I caught: October 4, 1999 in Normal, IL. Man was I late to this party.

Sure enough, there are two videos up from the show that made it to the internet. They were both shot from where my point of view was so I got a nice hint of nostalgia today when I checked these out. Plus, I went back to the Phish Friday from a year ago where I featured the second set highlight for me in “Makisupa Policeman,” with a nice little “Stir It Up” tease and a double-time mini-jam at the end. This guy like the show, too…

…NORMAL blew my mind, almost literally. For the first (and only time), I ate mushrooms at a Phish show and evidently consumed way too much…as I could hardly move; I felt as if I were suffocating with all the people bouncing into me and yelling….it was not an enjoyable experience, but once we went back outside into the cool Illinois fall, I mellowed out. Oh, and the Uncle Pen opener was freakin’ awesome, as was the DWD.

We’ll be back next week with another Phish Friday, and in the meantime, feel free to email us if you’d like to submit your own PF in the future. We only saw the band so many times between the lot of us, and we’d love to make this a feature that’s a bit more community-focused.