Phish Friday | New Release

The ideas for Phish Friday have been a little hard to come by for our little crew over here — there’s really only so much Phish we still listen to on a regular basis without forcing it into our iPod rotation — so I was psyched when we caught wind that will be releasing a new concert from the archive on Tuesday, March 25. The selection is one that is sure to satisfy a large subset of fans; it’s taken from the July 6, 1998 show at Lucerna Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic, an intimate theater that was tiny compared to the venues that the band was playing in the States. We’ve got a sample track from the release, a cut that starts mid-segue and ends mid-segue:

I have no real experience with this show or the tour, except that this was around the time that I actively started listening to this band and getting into collecting tapes for B&P’s (ah…nostalgia). Anyone else have this show in their collection and feel like sharing a few thoughts on other tracks not-to-be-missed? Holla at your boys.

Read on for the full press release, and have a killer weekend, dudes. Also, as a final closing note, we’re in need of some Phish Friday submissions to help round out our weekly posting schedule or we’re at risk for pushing this feature back to a once-a-month sorta thing. If you’re at all interesting in helping us out, don’t hesitate to comment with your email address (it’s never used for spam or anything but identifying you) or hit us up directly at [email protected].

NEW AT LIVEPHISH.COM – 7/6/98 Lucerna Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
Professionally Mastered MP3, FLAC and CD formats

Next Tuesday (3/25/08) JEMP Records will be releasing another of Phish’s classic shows, 7/6/98 from the Lucerna Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic. In keeping with recent releases this show has been mastered by Fred Kevorkian from Paul Languedoc’s 2-track soundboard reference DATs. To save space, along with renting most of their gear while flying from city to city on the 1998 European tour, the shows were not recorded to multi-track.

This release will be available in both of our normal digital download formats, MP3 and FLAC, as well as on CD (packaged in an innovative and earth friendly, fully recycled folding softcase-pak) . This release will not yet be available in stores but you can pick it up from both Phish Dry Goods ( and the LivePhish Download Store ( Dry Goods and will have bundle packages available, so you can save on both hard goods and downloads.

July 6, 1998 is the second of two shows Phish played at the Lucerna Theatre, an old theater turned into a music club located a few flights below street level in the Nove Mesto section of Prague. This show entwines music from the album “The Story of The Ghost” with Phish classics in a non-stop, hard-rocking performance elevated by its unique location and intimate setting. The intimacy of this show can not be overestimated – the average size of the venues Phish was playing at in the United States at the time were easily 20-30 times larger.

TRACKLIST for 7/6/98:

1. Buried Alive >
2. AC/DC Bag >
3. Ghost >
4. Cities
5. Limb By Limb
6. Train Song
7. Roggae
8. Maze
9. Golgi Apparatus


1. Julius >
2. Meat
3. Piper >
4. Makisupa Policeman
5. David Bowie
6. Loving Cup
7. Possum