Phish Friday | My Mountain View Coincidence

Welcome to Shoreline Ampitheatre

For today’s Phish Friday, my inspiration is coming strictly from the geographical area I’ve been working in for the past week — Mountain View, CA. I still consider myself hugely fortunate to be a part of the Google acquisition of FeedBurner, and I consider myself largely fortunate that our major corporate office just so happens to be right across the street from Shoreline Ampitheatre. Literally.

That said, I remembered that the last two shows before Phish went on hiatus in 2000 were played here, including a closing encore of the always-enjoyable, fan-favorite “You Enjoy Myself,” the song truly summing up the essence of what made the band so unique. It’s with that that I offer up the opener, “First Tube,” and the already-mentioned closer on the final night of the band’s peak. No need for the true play-by-play on these because these two tunes often speak for themselves. There’s nothing too crazy about either one of these versions either, except for the fact that the closing music of “Let It Be” can be heard playing from the PA, a detail duly noted in the official setlists from the final night. Truly symbolic and something we should all still take to heart.

TGIF, bitches.