Phish Friday: Links for Your Fall Tour Hangover

photo by Patrick Nelson
photo by Patrick Nelson

Phew. Last week’s Fall Tour finale definitely took it out of us here at LMB. Although I’ve been pretty tight on time this week, I’ve been gathering a bunch of different Phish-related links. I thought it’d be nice to cap things off with a little link round-up:

If you dig the photo above, check out the rest Patrick Nelson’s fantastic photos from Phish’s tour closer in Charlottesville.

10 years ago today, Phish played a smokin’ show in Philly that served as a really nice pre-cursor to the madness that went down at the Big Cypress for the millennium NYE celebration. Check it: Phish – First Union Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA; 12-11-1999 (bittorrent via etree).

Need more untz with your Phish? Check out this surprisingly solid dance remix of “Tweezer Reprise” by Bender at the Beat Register (stream at HypeMachine or Download via sendspace). For some other interesting Phish remixes and mash-ups, check out DJDeepSea’s full collection, including the classic “Drop it Like it’s Moma”…Lolz.

I get a kick out of reading Phish show reviews by the traditional press. In the past they were typically super negative or just way off, but this Esquire review is pretty fair, funny, and surprisingly accurate in its description of the scene at a Phish show these days.

ScottyB of YEMBlog walks us through his reading of Stubhub’s 2009 Ticketing report, which had Phish “all over it” (i.e. lots of scalping/re-selling going on with Phish tickets).

Check out a brief History of Phish Tour t-shirts.

ScottyB says Phish thrives when no one is looking . I agree. Where have I heard this same notion before? Bittersweet Motel?

Why Phisheads Are Social Media Pioneers – a nice little social media post by Todd Wickersty of the ButterRoom.

Need more nerdy Phish stats from the Fall Tour? Look no further than Hidden Track’s series of stats posts, called the Number Line.

And finally some video to end the week. Although it’s tempting to offer up some clips from the band’s recent Fall Tour, I’m really in the mood for something more classically awesome and funky. This 12.6.97 “Twist Around” fits that mood nicely:

Phish – 12.06.97 – Twist [YouTube]
(with yet another hat-tip to YouTube user Silverchair97)

Have a killer weekend!