Phish Friday | HeadCount Allstars at the Jammys

On Wednesday night, Phish was presented a lifetime achievement award by the Jammys for their contributions to the jamband scene overall. As some might have predicted after such an event, this was a major climax for the the awards show and one that would be hard to live up to in future ceremonies. That’s why it’s really no surprise that the Jammys announced that this would be their last year doing the festivities as they had in years past — in the future they’re planning a larger celebration of live music itself — but I am a little bummed to not have gotten to see one of these shows myself.

Some videos just surfaced of the HeadCount All-stars superjam at the end of the ceremony, so I thought we’d feature them today as part of Phish Friday. Yeah, I know — it’s not really Phish that we’re featuring today but a jamband supergroup that did a bunch of Phish covers. That’s close enough for us.

Read on for some of the clips that we found that walk us through the craziness.

HCAS – Run Like An Antelope [YouTube]

Highlight of this clip: Sir Joe Russo on drums rolling his way around the kit on the intro, especially when he hits his crash cymbal and immediately mutes it. That is a lot harder than it looks, folks.

HCAS – Wilson [YouTube]

Leave it up to Jake Cinninger to add his own flavor a bit, especially adding a little delay to the standard “dudunt, dudunt” crunch that opens the tune. So fun to watch.

HCAS – 2001 [YouTube]

HeadCount All-stars Perform Maze [YouTube]

The sound isn’t the best on this clip but at least you get to see the end of the track, quite possibly the ultimate Phish calling card of quirkiness thrown on the end of an otherwise ominous song. What a fitting end to the show.