Phish Friday | Clifford Ball Redux with Video

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned to Live Music Blog this weekend, as we plan to bring you a bonus Phish Friday post to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Phish’s 1998 Island Tour. It will be a serious bonus for all you folks who can share your own comments and memories of the legendary mini-tour, as we’ll be featuring a special giveaway courtesy of our friends at Phish Dry Goods. For now, we’ve got our eyes on 1996.

A little over a year ago, Live Music Blog friend, Gibs, treated us to his thoughts on what he considers to be one of the more complete and perfect sets that Phish has ever played: Set II from the Clifford Ball on 8/17/96.

Due to my recent discovery of some great late-90s Phish videos, I decided it might be cool to connect one of my favorite Phish Friday posts with some of the videos of those same tracks that Gibs featured. I added a little extra commentary on each of these, because I just couldn’t help myself…

Phish – 081796 – Fluffhead – Part II [YouTube]

The ending solo flight from “Fluffhead” is what really gets me. I remember hearing this track during my early days of playing guitar being utterly in awe at how Mr. Anastasio could pull off those amazingly quick little “hammer-on” notes

Phish – 081796 – Brother

We’re treated to even more of those cool little riffs during “Brother.” The Ben & Jerry’s vocals are a tad silly, but that solo really “slays me” too, Gibs.

Phish – 081796 – Slave to the Traffic Light – Part II [YouTube]

And then there’s the second half of an epic set-closing finale…yep.

You can check out more of silverchair97’s vids here.

Cheers and remember to check back this weekend!