Phish Friday | Clifford Ball on Bonnaroo 365

phish bonnaroo 365

It’s a totally nice day here in San Francisco and I’m enjoying my Phish Friday with my windows open, a nice breeze, and Phish’s Clifford Ball set that it shared with Bonnaroo as part of their Bonnaroo 365 idea:

Bonnaroo’s second installment of Bonnaroo 365 will feature streaming footage from Phish’s new ‘Clifford Ball’ DVD box set. Beginning May 5th, 2009, Bonnaroo 365 will feature the complete set from the second night of this landmark concert event. The Clifford Ball was the first of seven, two-day spectacles the band staged, including The Great Went a year later, followed by Lemonwheel in 1998. The Clifford Ball itself holds a great deal of significance for Bonnaroo, as this event as well as the band’s subsequent festivals were some of the major inspirations in Bonnaroo’s creation.

I still haven’t bought the DVD set so this is great for me to enjoy and sample to see if spending the dough on the entire box is worth it. Considering I have every other Phish DVD they’ve released, there’s really no reason I shouldn’t make sure I complete the collection and pick up this amazing release.


In addition to the free streaming videos, four classic live Phish tracks will be available as free audio downloads including:

– Bathtub Gin (8/17/97 – The Great Went, Limestone, ME)
– Gumbo > Sanity (8/15/98 – Lemonwheel, Limestone, ME)
– Piper (7/18/99 – Oswego Country Airport, Volney, NY)
– Sand > Quadrophonic Toppling (12/31/99 – Big Cypress, FL)

Here’s the video of the full set: