Sorry for the late in the day Phish Friday today, folks. I’m nursin’ a wicked hangover following the Perpetual Groove show at the Martyrs, and my FTP software has been acting up. is life.

For today’s selection, I grabbed a somewhat random piece from my own back catalog of shows I had amassed as a fan. There was a fantastic run of shows through California on the Fall 1999 tour, and the show at the Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista stood out for me. It’s still absurd to think that it was still a few weeks before I saw for the first time at the Redbird Arena show at State University.

At any rate, the Chula Vista show had a second set that was funky all around. I had it on tape, and I distinctly remember driving through Honolulu later that year listening to this and being mighty impressed the “Contact > Reprise” to end that show.

The show has been officially released on LivePhish so go listen to the remixed and mastered copy there.

The night before, came out for a mega-bass jam / Dead segment that had everyone seriously buzzing afterwards. Remember that?

Stub via Phantasy Tour, source via

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