Sorry again for yesterday’s non-posting of the usual Phish Friday. We’ve got some ideas in house to get some queued up and start getting submissions taken — might I suggest some YouSendIt links — for future use and/or jammage.

On today’s version of Phish Friday, I thought it’d be fitting to dip into some of the archives we’ve already laid down on the blog. Specifically, back a year ago or so…I ended up podcasting all 15 discs of Phish’s New Year’s Eve 2000 Millennium Celebration down on Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation in southern Florida.

Unfortunately, I was not in attendance for this. Not that I’m complaining. I was on Waikiki Beach celebrating the turn of the millennium and having the fun of my life there, really just the same as most of the 85,000 or so that were in attendance for Phish’s Big Cypress concert. I remember reading the setlist when I got home, though. And I remember my jaw dropping hard…

Here are the podcasts I did along with what I probably remember most about each disc. These got some serious play after some nice soul B&P’d for this for me. What a community.

  • Phish, December 30, 1999 (3 sets)
  • Big Cypress #01 [mp3] — “Light Up or Leave Me Alone” (with a great, great jam at the end of that)
  • Big Cypress #02 [mp3] — “Character Zero” (it was good they got this out of the way early)
  • Big Cypress #03 [mp3] — “Tweezer” (I seem to remember this having a nice flow to it)
  • Big Cypress #04 [mp3] — “Run Like An Antelope” (definitely a good version)
  • Big Cypress #05 [mp3] — “When the Circus Comes” (I always love this one)
  • Phish, December 31, 1999 (2 sets, midnight-sunrise)
  • Big Cypress #06 [mp3] — “Roggae” (I always loved this song)
  • Big Cypress #07 [mp3] — “After Midnight” (wins award for most relevant cover ever)
  • Big Cypress #08 [mp3] — “Down with Disease” (with insane fireworks jam)
  • Big Cypress #09 [mp3] — “Trey’s Message of Peace” (with the 30-minute “Rock & Roll” a close second)
  • Big Cypress #10 [mp3] — “You Enjoy Myself” (I’m hungry for cheesecake all of a sudden)
  • Big Cypress #11 [mp3] — “Quadrophonic Topplings” (whatever the hell that means)
  • Big Cypress #12 [mp3] — “David Bowie” (always a solid pick here)
  • Big Cypress #13 [mp3] — “Drowned > After Midnight reprise” (yep, it’s awesome)
  • Big Cypress #14 [mp3] — “Lawn Boy” (Page at his finest)
  • Big Cypress #15 [mp3] — “2001” (surprising that it came this late)

Try to gobble these up and download them while you can. And definitely leave some comments if you went and you remember how sweet it was. It’s always good to have some context while re-listening to these.