Phish Friday | …And We Love to Take a Bath!

Editor’s Note: This week’s Phish Friday post comes from my main man Stanley T. Roper, a long-time friend and fellow Phish fiend who has a distinct nose for only the finest and highest quality Gin of the Bathtub variety. So let his taste buds guide you…

What is the golden era of Gin? Lots of folks I know — myself included — say 1998. You’ve got some big ones: Lemonwheel, Riverport 7/29, the massive Gin at Hampton (featured on Hampton Comes Alive).

Well, ’98 Gin devotees, I submit to you a 1999 vintage worthy of sampling. The star of this Gin is, of course, the man in the white high-tops playing bass. This is one of the (many) jams during which I listen to what Mike is doing and let everybody else’s stuff filter through that. Best shaken, not stirred, this Gin ideally will be sampled on a nice set of headphones so as to feel Cactus’ full wrath. In fairness to Trey, he does better than alright for himself over the course of these 19 minutes.

Tasting notes: This Gin starts groovy/funky, rages like a mofo, then settles down nicely into the classic Gin coda for a clean finish. There might also be some citrus and oak notes in there, I don’t know. Enjoy!

  • Phish – Bathtub Gin, 9-12-99 Portland [mp3]