Phish Friday | A Japanese Antelope Meatstick

It’s shaping up to be a busy day for all of us here on the site, so I’m not sure we have time for a whole lot of content today other than Phish Friday. I thought I’d get ‘er going pretty early, though — hopefully these tracks will help your through your workday.

For today’s selection, I’m taking us back to one of the shows I was actually in attendance for. Back in September, 2000, Phish was playing a final tour of sorts before their “first” hiatus. I was lucky to catch both nights in Chicago, even if it was at the Allstate Arena (formerly the Rosemont Horizon). It’s not my favorite venue, especially the “getting to” part of the show-going equation — but hey, two nights with Phish is always good.

The first night was really, really strong compared to the second night and I could probably feature the entire show on Phish Fridays in the future, especially given how blown away I was at the time. The first set featured a wild “You Enjoy Myself” to end the first half of the show, and the entire crowd took part in The Wave over setbreak as we waited for the band to return. Seriously — I remember this Wave being beyond epic. It was the entire stadium and everyone was cheering, laughing, “waving” — and everyone went nuts the second the house lights went back down.

The second half of the show featured some gems, for sure, but the real meat was the end of the set. The band closed with “Meatstick,” featuring some Trey banter to help introduce the Japanese lyrical ending. The crowd finished the tune by singing along and trying to stay syncronized on the clapping, but it’s quite obvious that the sound doesn’t carry to everyone’s ears at the same time. This segued quite nicely into “Run Like An Antelope,” featuring more “Meatstick” teases than you can shake a stick at.

Without further blog-ado, here is the “Meatstick – Antelope” section to end the second set. Good times.

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