Phish Friday | 7/25/92; Stowe, VT

For my first effort at a Phish Friday, I dug deep into my binders of discs for something from the earlier years.

In the Summer of 1992, Phish was on the cusp of breaking huge. Not yet headlining arena tours around the nation, June saw the band make their first trip to Europe. After taking part in four HORDE shows, they spent the remainder of the summer opening for Carlos Santana.

From this tour, I offer you a tight three song run from their July 25 show at the Stowe Performing Arts Center in Stowe, VT. This closed the set and features Carlos Santana. His unique tone is a fantastic counter-point to Trey. Listen to how he tears up “Llama.” Astounding.

Also featured, on “You Enjoy Myself,” is Santana band percussionists Raul Rekow on congas and Karl Perazzo on tibales. The thick rhythms that they add to Fishman’s drums make this one of my all-time favorite YEMs; the give and take between Trey and Carlos doesn’t hurt either.

I hope you enjoy one of the best parts of one of my favorite shows.