LMB LA: Real Estate Plays the Fonda Theatre this Friday

WHO: Goldenvoice, KCRW & Oh My Rockness Present Real Estate, Sun Araw, Melted Toys and DJ Neil Schield (Origami Vinyl)
WHERE: Fonda Theatre @ 6126 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA
WHEN: Friday, August 3rd @ 9:00 p.m.

Real Estate has patiently burrowed their way into my subconscious over these past few years ever since my interest was piqued after marveling at the album art for their self-titled debut LP while sitting bored in Criminal Law class. It’s rare that I/you/anyone remembers where they were when they first looked at an album cover, let alone where they first heard a band but there ya go. Since hearing the debut, this band has done right with every step, steadily releasing EP’s and LP’s that have stayed true to their congenial introduction in 2009, with each building upon the last, adding to the band’s allure. Real Estate once again reached a new apex this past fall with Days (stream below), featuring tunes like the picture of perfection “Green Aisles“, “Kinder Blumen” and the staple-of-the-band’s-sound instrumental outro “All The Same”. With Sun Araw and Melted Toys supporting, this is the kind of Friday night bill worth building a night around.

Real Estate Green Aisles