@ NOLA - 11/3/11 || Photo by Wesley Hodges

The connection between and 2012 over the years (the Great Cycle Spectacles have already been announced for next year) is well documented, and to ring in the big New Year, the jazzy electroquest band will be returning to their longtime staple venue for S9’s first five-night run in the same building since a run in 2007 with a Tuesday-Saturday run at the in ATL (the first run since ’08). This one should be a blowout of epic proportions if the band’s pre-show chatter is any indication (see below for messages from and Saxton). Tribe at the Tab has always been a can’t-miss occasion for the hardcore community of fans and an eye-opening experience for any casual newcomers.

This year, it seems that even more stops than the usual bag of bust-outs, rarities and a year-topping visual display will be pulled out to make each night special, unique and worthy of even the most seasoned of veteran’s attention. I’ve been in the building for shows during the ’05 and ’07 runs and anyone who’s felt it knows that the kind of energy in the old church during a Tribe New Years Run is hard to find elsewhere. Night 1’s is roaring on paper (also see below) and although bummed to see a couple wiped out of the realm of possibilities for my show on the 29th (“Open E”, “Evasive” and “Squares and Cubes” in particular), this band’s history and catalog runs deep enough to fill each night’s to the brim. 12/27’s opener was (Live Band), is set for 12/28, is set for 12/29, on 12/30 and will open the New Years Eve show (for a sampler of these artists, go here). Tickets appear to still be available for all shows except for 12/31 – get ’em before they gone!

STS9 ()
12/27/11 – The
Atlanta, GA

Set 1:
-Tap-In (9:41)
-Equinox (9:50)
-Mischief of a Sleepwalker (10:00)
--Dance > (10:07)
-Inspire Strikes Back (10:15)
-Squares & Cubes (10:21)
-Ramone & Emiglio (10:27)
-Hubble (10:35)

Set 2
-Four Year >
-Kaya >
-Open E
-And Some Are Angels (11:46)
-Evasive Maneuvers (11:53)
-Monkey Music
-Moonsockets (12:18)

-STS9 (12:28)

Show Notes:
(Live Band) opened.
A “no computers” show.

“Everyone coming to the shows over the next few days, I am not allowed to use haze at the Tabernacle. Its a bummer. So, I am asking you all to “smoke em if you got em”… and if you don’t got em, go get some…. Every little bit helps kidos…” – Saxton

“Happy Holidays Everyone… been a while since a post but been locked away getting ready for this run back in ATLanta and The next year {Cant Wait to share that with y’all}. Anyway wanted to drop a hint about tomorrow night, the first show of the run, Its going to be a NO computer night!! As well we have some other surprises that next night! thought some of y’all out there would enjoy, so Enjoy!!” –

“Just to clear it up, this is not an Axe show… We are bringing the F-ing heat tonight peeps! And like I said we’ve got goodies in store every night and y’all can expect no repeats for the 5. Maybe some different versions of older songs through the week but your just gonna have to come see for yourselves…in lakesh” – Murph

Scheme – from the new EP ‘When the Dust Settles’ by STS9

For LMB NOLA’s review of the 11/3/11 show at the in New Orleans, go here.

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