So, if you’re like me, it’s just a Thursday night in whatever you city you happen to be in. I’m actually going to watch Survivor in a little bit. That’s right, jealous?

If you’re living in , you just might be one of the lucky individuals attending this year’s Jammy Awards (currently underway as I write this post).

I’m extremely pleased to tell you that I’ve got some updates from the event coming straight in from both Andy Gadiel and Ryan from Fresh Bread (affectionately known around here as bready), and I’m sure they’re having a blast and enjoying some great right .

I’ll give you the updates exactly as I get them.

7:29pm – Richie Havens Mutaytor -AG
7:30pm – Blues -AG
7:31pm – Betty LaVette -AG
7:39pm – Keep sending these man! -LMB
7:42pm – Doh! bat left at home. -B
7:48pm – Bummer! -LMB
8:01pm – – best new band -AG
8:02pm – McCoy? -AG
8:07pm – With tapdancer -AG
8:08pm – Typer yep u got it -LMB
8:16pm – song of the year Taught To Be Proud!!! -AG
8:18pm – Widespread wins album -AG
8:19pm – Kimock Mathis Perkins Satriani -AG
8:27pm – Cortez the Killer! -AG
8:27pm – withGrace Potter -AG
8:34pm – Chick Corea giving zappa lifetime achievement award -AG
8:34pm – Dweezil accepts -AG
8:48pm – Corea and kimock. -B
8:48pm – Dweezil’s band with Chick Corea -AG
8:55pm – Dweezl zappa and band w corea… -B
9:01pm – Cinnager w zap, napoleon -B
9:11pm – Archival of yr. -B
9:11pm – Live Archival Album – @ MSG -AG
9:13pm – Cactus accepts -B
9:18pm – and -B
9:18pm – Manute Bol giving world award to babba mal (sp?) -AG
9:19pm – and -AG
9:19pm – And frampton -B
9:24pm – with -AG
9:26pm – Do you, you feeeeel like I do.. -AG
9:26pm – Do u feel! -B
9:41pm – Gordon kottke alb of yr -B
9:45pm – with maf professor -AG
9:48pm – Covering guns of brixton by -AG
10:02pm – Guns of brixton . Buster -AG
10:03pm – W do u feel teases -B
10:05pm – Buster -AG
10:13pm – Dylan award. Dude accepts. -B
10:18pm – Larry Block from wins industry award -AG
10:19pm – Kimock, Gordon, Mickey,Billy,mutaytor with… -AG
10:30pm – Voodoo chile’ -AG
10:35pm – With Anjelique Kidjo -AG
10:35pm – Woman Are Smarter -AG
10:49pm – Big Summer Classic wins -AG
10:51pm – Live Performance – moe. -AG
10:59pm – with Charlie Musslewhie -AG
11:12pm – now with Steven Ky-mani Marley -AG
11:12pm – Jammin -AG
11:29pm – One Love Closer super jam -AG

I’m not sure how many more updates are coming but I’ll have a full rundown pretty early Friday morn’…

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