I’m extremely pleased to report that it appears that some people really do enjoy the podcast I’ve been putting out every week–we broke over 100 subscribers on our Jamcast XML feed last month twice! **

Granted, it’s nothing unbelievably special other than some great selections of music that I’ve enjoyed, but I try and create something that I would love to listen to on my commute. I think the fact that I’ve now podcasted all 15 discs has probably helped–that would tend to invite any fan to the site pretty quickly.

Hopefully, Jamcasts will continue to supplement your huge music collections well into the future. Thanks for downloading them so far, and drop me a line if you have ideas of tips for future podcasts.

** – When I say twice, I mean that the stats show more than 100 subscribers on two distinct days during the month, and then it drops to high 90’s immediately the next day. I’m not actually sure how Feedburner computes that number, but I’m not too concerned anyways. It still shows regular downloaders, and I like that.