Jamcast #032 – Toubab Krewe Cuts

Jamcast #032 – Toubab Krewe
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Toubab Krewe
August 26, 2005
Goombay Festival
Asheville, NC

Devil Woman
Hang Ten
Wassoulou > Bani
Total running time: 19:59

Live Music Blog Jamcasts are back! Sorry for the indefinite hiatus that I didn’t really announce (more on that here)…

Toubab Krewe, one band I discovered lately, just needed to be featured so I grabbed some tracks from a homecoming performance of theirs. Glide Magazine reviewed thier recent NY Guitar Festival show here, Mike Gordon likes them, Jonathan Schwartz likes them, and I do, too.

Hopefully, the podcast above will convert all the nonbelievers. Purchase their debut self-titled disc at Amazon here.