Jamcast #015 – Big Cypress #03

Big Cypress #03, featuring the beginning of the second set, first night of Phish’s NYE 2000 celebration. This show just seems to get better and better as it goes on.

The podcasts will be uploaded to the Internet Archive shortly after I host them to ensure that we can keep this cool, little music blog together for a while. I’d hate for the bandwidth costs to break my bank. Hope you enjoy the podcast and thanks for the recent suggestions. Feel free to give me an idea and I’ll try to work it in. In the hopper (besides Big Cypress)…

Anything bluegrass, Bob Dylan, and Jazz Mandolin Project

I think it can be arranged.

Jamcast #015 – Big Cypress #03 (86.0 MB) [XML]
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)

December 30, 1999
Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation
Set Two (first half)

00:00 | Intro
01:25 | Wilson
08:06 | The Curtain >
14:34 | Tweezer >
31:25 | Taste
43:21 | Meat
48:53 | Golgi Apparatus
53:35 | Wolfman’s Brother
Total running time: 62:41

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