Jamcast #006

Even though I know that Umphrey’s McGee’s podcasts are far superior in sound quality, professionalism, credibility, I’m still going to try and share some of my favorite Umphrey’s McGee moments from their already productive festival season. From one set at Langerado, two and half sets at Summercamp, two sets at Bonnaroo, and two sets at Wakarusa, I can only imagine that these boys are feeling the burn.

Jamcast #006 (91.0 MB) [XML]
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)

00:00 : Intro

Summercamp 2005 (source: Archive.org)
00:30 : Atmosfarag

Wakarusa 2005 (source: Archive.org)
06:16 : All in Time

Bonnaroo 2005 (source bdifr78, bt.etree.org)
18:52 : Making Flippy Floppy >
24:00 : Jam >
31:24 : The Bottom Half
38:31 : Bridgeless
48:59 : Women Wine and Song
52:34 : JaJunk
Total running time: 66:19

Have fun all the time, indeed!

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