Finally, I got around to putting up this excellent source of The 5th Annual show in City earlier this year. It was about two months ago, and I’ve been sitting on this recording for a while. The crowd is a little loud, but it only makes you feel like you were there. Ace Cowboy was there. Lucky!

Jamcast #005 (72.0 MB) [XML]
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)
Source: robclarke (torrent details)

The 5th Annual
Theater at Madison Sqaure Garden
, NY

00:00 : Intro

01:29 : Psychedelic Sex Machine

Huey Lewis Umphrey’s McGee
04:36 : She Caught the Katy
09:19 : and

12:49 : Best Feeling
18:35 : ?uestlove Medley

The Duo ( )
26:50 : Becky
31:41 : Best Reason to Buy the Sun

36:45 : Lively Up Yourself
44:32 : Crosstown Traffic
Total running time: 52:56

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