Jamcast #003

Sorry to all those lonely Jamcast subscribers that have been waiting patiently for Jamcast #003. It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to get one of these cranked out, but I need to start making more time for it. These shows are a lot of fun to produce, if you could even call it that, and I hope to offer many, many more of these in the near future.

This Jamcast features Phish at one of their highest peaks: the 1998 Island Tour. Make sure you download the next Jamcast — it completes my favorite part of the second set from April 4, 1998. Man, this show is tight!

Jamcast #003 (64.3 MB)
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)
Source: mr.cheese (torrent details)

Island Tour
April 4, 1998
Providence Civic Center
Providence, RI

00:00 : Introduction
01:17 : Birds of a Feather >
19:30 : 2001 >
33:17 : Brother
Total running time: 46:53

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