Jamcast #001

Update: the feed should be working correctly now. It probably wasn’t last night, so try to grab the podcast again if it didn’t work correctly before.

Introducing, the first ever Live Music Blog podcast, affectionately known from now on as Jamcasts.

Disclaimer: This is only the first of many more Jamcasts to come, so please don’t worry if there are some kinks in the first couple shows.

Jamcast #001 (51.2 MB)
Hosted by: Justin, Editor
192kbps (right-click link to download)
0:00 : Introduction
1:12 : STS9 – Squares and Cubes (4.2.04 – Vic Theater, Chicago, IL)
13:30 : Keller Williams – Moving Sidewalk > Celebrate Your Youth > Moving Sidewalk > St. Stephen (4.30.05 – Patrick Gym, Burlington, VT)
26:00 : The Slip – Cut from the Cloth (11.13.04 – Stella Blue, Asheville, NC)
Total run time: 37:18

I really want some feedback on this. I’ve tested it, but all you podcasters buddies of mine, please check this to make sure the feed works, etc.