Not since the popular rock band Phish a decade ago have I fallen so quickly for another band.

It’s almost like my wife of 10 years left me to see other people. We’d always had an open relationship, but she wanted out completely. I sat in near-mourning for a year, wondering what it’d take to get her back, even though I dated others quite a bit. Or at least I tried to date others, but my head just wasn’t in it. I’d only end up missing what I wanted most: the ex.

Then this knockout walked into my bar and pulled up a stool next to me, offering to buy me a beer. After a long night of intense foreplay and a few more-than-satisfying climaxes and connections, though, she left town to return home. Now we’re playing the e-mail penpal game, but I’m stuck wanting more. In the meantime, I’m trying to find out everything I can about her, calling her friends, Googling her on the Internets, sniffing her left-behind panties, anything I can to get closer while the distance between us is greater than I’d like.

(Did I lose y’all at the panty-sniffing? I promise I’ve never done that. Well, only once, and it’s because I knew for certain they’d be soiled. Jeez, where is my head today? I swear I’m a normal, decent member of society.)

There’s a reason for this post, I swear I’m getting to it, and it’s not just to put that image in your head and scram. Some fine member of the Tea Leaf Green boards just alerted me to the following on, and I must do the same for you…

“In between Christmas and New Year’s of 2004, Tea Leaf Green stopped by the KPFA studios in Berkeley to play live on David Gans’ radio show. We were privileged to simulcast the show on radio that night, and we are pleased to present the show for download now on”

Here’s the INCREDIBLE recording, and the song list:

Taught To Be Proud
Papa’s In The Back Room
No Blanket
Morning Sun
Garden Part III
Sex In The 70s
Earth And Sky

As good as the rest is, that Garden 3 is off the charts. I’m not sure you can listen to this and say you don’t like these guys…

(Special thanks to and the TLG Forums)