Continuing on with our recap and coverage of this year’s excellent SnowBall Music Festival in Vail, here’s my interview with Tigran Mimosa (aka MiM0SA) sometime before his set at the Groove Tent at 7:45pm on the first day…

LMB: It’s good to have you in Colorado. Are you excited to be playing Snowball this year?
TM: Yea absolutely man, I’m super stoked. It’s awesome being out here. I love playing in Colorado any chance I get.

LMB: You have a really big following out here in the Rocky Mountains, what’s your relationship with Colorado like?
TM: I’ve been coming here for a long time. This was one of the first markets that I broke into besides California when I was first starting to play. I love this place and I feel a lot of support from it. So, I’m always stoked to be around here.

LMB: You have a diverse musical style and everyone loves you for that. Where does the creative process begin when you are putting together a track?
TM: I tend not have a formula. I try to stick away from that because I don’t want to have any sort of pattern. I find that you tend to make the same type of song. If you take a different approach to it every time then you’ll get a completely different sound that’s more just going with the moment and going with where the energy is taking you rather than having to go through a process to try and make something.

LMB: How would you describe your sound?
TM: Future Trill (laughs). I dunno, It’s just bass music. I’m just doing what I feel. I make all sorts of music from progressive dubstep to super melodic chill stuff so I don’t necessarily have one sound. It’s whatever you wanna call it.

LMB: Your newest album, Sanctuary, came out last October. How would you say this one sounds compared to Flux for Life or other older works?
TM: I’d say this one’s a little bit more underground hip-hop oriented where I utilize a lot of the 808 kind of drum kit and it’s just a lot more rhythm oriented than my previous stuff. It’s not trying to be too aggressive or too overwhelming or anything like that. I was just going for a chill groove keeping a good solid vibe. It is what it is.

LMB: Are you planning on playing a little bit of that at your set?
TM: Absolutely yea.

LMB: Any surprises?
TM: Yea I got a lot of new tracks that I’m gonna test out. I’m working on my next album right now actually which is gonna be called “dream states.” I’m about halfway done so I’m just gonna play out some of the tracks and see how it goes. It’s gonna be the first time I’m gonna play it anywhere.

LMB: What’s the rest of 2012 looking like for you?
TM: Right now I’m just taking some time off to work on my album and doing festivals here and there. I hope to tour sometime in the fall after all the festivals are done.

LMB: What have been your biggest influences as an artist?
TM: Life, love and death. Those are my greatest influences for sure.

Thanks to Tigran Mimosa for sitting down with us…