Ed Anderson (Backyard Tire Fire) checked back in with Live Music Blog as he’s quite excited to be heading back home to Illinoise this weekend for some EP release parties.

Howdy folks. Just finished a run that took us from Boulder, CO to Burlington, VT in a three week span and it’s good to be home. Highlights include first time plays at the Fox in Boulder, the Exit In in Nashville, the 8 X 10 Club in Baltimore, and Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Not to mention the leaves changing in the Northeast, a snow storm in the Rockies, and the heat on the beach in Charleston, SC. Relatively smooth throughout (aside from my brother and I nearly throwing down over the last package of Ramen noodles in Rochester, NY). Lots of new faces and places and nightly good times. We’re growing in a bunch of new markets and it’s exciting.

This week we get to play a couple of hometown shows in celebration of the release of our EP Skin and Bones. We’ll be at the Castle Theater in Bloomington, IL on Friday, Oct. 13th and at the Double Door in Chicago on Sat., Oct. 14th. Should be a hell of a weekend! And then it’s back to the Southeast the following week…


Ed Anderson
Backyard Tire Fire