So, I’m bloggin’ this post from the ad-hoc internet cafe they have set up at Summer Camp 2006. (Umphrey’s McGee) and () are ordering some food for the cafe, and I’m plenty of beers into a great day of music and fun so far. It sucks I didn’t bring my camera to the cafe. Oh well — this festival rules.

Approaching cafe, I was following Kang and Bayliss up the hill when someone right near me spotted them. He yelled for Bayliss and they stopped, so I took the opportunity to shake Kang’s hand and say hello. His set with Chris Berry & Panjea is at 4:30, and I told him I was looking forward to it. Kane from Burning Oak is actually going to do a quick interview with him later. I’m hoping on piggy-backing on that and getting a couple photos with the guys.

’s set at 12:00pm was absolutely awesome. We set up some chairs and watched a really incredible hour of music, including a great “Running Down a Dream” cover (). We came back to our camp and grabbed some food, and here am I — sitting about ten feet from Bayliss and Kang eating burgers — and I don’t have my camera. Lame.

So anyways, expect some more blog updates from me over the next couple days. Internet access is cheap and totally worth it right now — you guys need the inside info after all…