Ed Anderson from Backyard Tire Fire stops by and gives us a quick update before their tour begins in Louisville on Wed., May 31.

Hello friends and lovers of live music. The Tire Fire is gearing up for a 2 month, 10,000 mile tour that starts off next week in Louisville. Been trying to get to all of the little things that need to be done before we leave. Like laying down a new floor in the trailer, securing instrument insurance (god forbid anything happen to the babies), getting online banking set up for on the road deposits, building a flight case for the Les Paul for our trip from CO to Chicago and back to CO in one day (flying in to open for Son Volt in Chicago and flying back to CO to pick up the tour where we left off), making sure all of the amps are in good shape, securing a spare amp, buying a new spare tire for the trailer, etc., etc., etc. Lots to do.

Had a great night opening for Alejandro Escovedo last Friday at Martyrs’ in Chicago. Great band, good people, wonderful crowd. Overall one of my favorite nights thus far. Got to see George Wendt get up off his stool, work his way through a room full of people, and tap my little brother on the shoulder to tell him he played a “hell of show.” Pretty funny watching Matt turn around to be congratulated by “Norm” from Cheers. Seemed like they hit it off, imagine that. Shit, we grew up watching that guy drink. Alejandro was a real humble, soft-spoken, nice man and was an inspiration to watch. I hope I’m still rocking it into my 50’s. The dynamics of his band were magnificent, and the energy on stage and in the room were unmatchable. Hope we play more gigs with those cats.

That’s all for now, and remember “rock & roll ain’t noise pollution.”

Ed Anderson
Backyard Tire Fire