10 EDM Artists Making Waves in the Festival Scene

EDM is here to stay and we’re always on the lookout for new artists that have been around for a few years making waves in the EDM world.

10 EDM Artists Making Waves in the Festival Scene


NNMF_ODESZA2ODESZA feels like glitched out samples being pulled through a dreamy yet trill electronic landscape. Expect big drums and thick basslines that meet a gentle melody like a Balinese rainforest. This Seattle based duo has been perking up ears around the Pacific Northwest for the last few years after combining forces and becoming ODESZA. It wasn’t until being introduced to them on Pretty Lights’s A Color Map of the Sun Remixed album (amongst the likes of GRiZ, Datsik, Opiuo & more) that I really started taking notice to what I’ve been calling my new obsession. Their music has a 5 AM sun is coming up, been up all night, walking through a foggy city quality. A headnodding trappy tempo that is balanced by garage-y analog FX, pitch bent vocals, and a heavy electronic groove. ODESZA are at the cutting edge of indie Electronic upswing that I’ve been so obsessed with.

2. The Floozies


Dear god if you do one thing this festival season, it should be to see The Floozies. These two funky brothers out of Kansas drop some of the funkiest, silliest, most panty droppingest, most boogielicious, glitch step you’ve ever heard. These guys have so much hilariously vibrant charisma on stage who just help, but get the funk down.


3. Mr. Carmack

NNMF_MrCarmack2Unpolished, off-beat, off-tempo…perfect. Mr. Carmack has had a meteoric rise producing bass music lately as a result of that exact attitude. Goddamnit does it work too. I feel like he has been bringing back a lot of the experimental hip hop and Flying Lotus vibes that have been missing in the trap and bass scene. Carmack’s beats are off kilter and disorienting in an extremely fascinating way. Coming fresh off a set at EDC, I’m betting Carmack will be the deepest in the trap this weekend will hold.


4. Justin Martin

NNMF_JustinMartin2Deep House, Tech House, Jungle, DNB, Justin Martin does it all and does it well. Protégé of the legendary Klaude Von Stroke and living proof of dirtybird records’s reputation for bringing up the biggest and best in the bay area’s house music. With Justin Martin comes the promise of crisp redwood nights filled with thumping basslines and groovy house.

Also look out for his brother Christian Martin on the lineup. It wouldn’t be crazy to see them play together as they have before as The Martin Brothers.


5. Beats Antique

NNMF_BeatsAntique2Act 2 of Beats Antique’s wobbly world music inspired masterpiece has arrived and it is spectacular. Beats Antique began undertaking a journey last year with their album A Thousand Faces. But what has become of it is an epic journey in three acts. I was fortunate enough to get to speak with the group just before seeing them perform Act 1 on back to back nights at The Fillmore last year, and was blown away how they have presented this epic undertaking of an album as a true stage spectacle.

I am truly stoked to see them perform again now delving into the 2nd Act of a journey of eclectic electronic epicness.

6. Zion I

NNMF_ZionI2Oakland hip-hop crew who is always keeping it live. Caught these guys at SnowGlobe and they turned it all the way live. Nothing rounds out a festival lineup like a really solid Hip-Hop act that keeps their minds on fun. You’ll probably know them best by their pop hit “Coastin,’” but still my favorite by them is the rap they gave to Minnesota for “Float.”

Humboldt County, put it in the air.

7. Fort Knox Five

NNMF_FortKnoxFive2These guys are making sure that Ghetto Funk stays alive in the American festival audience, and I absolutely adore them for it. Ghetto Funk consists of glitch hop and dubstep mixed with a blend of ‘90s hip hop and James Brown type funk samples. If your ears haven’t feasted on a Fort Knox Five set, go, and I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face.

Here is their most recent mix that I have been jamming everywhere I go this week.

8. Giraffage

NNMF_Giraffage2I don’t actually know too much about this guy other than he keeps coming up on my Pandora station and I keep having to pull my phone out to check who this kick-ass artist is. He’s got that sexy future R&B type of slowed down indie electronic sound with lots of pitch bent vocals, ‘80s synths, glitchy samples, and punchy drums that feel similar to ODESZA, Flume, or Cashmere Cat.

Excited to see what this up and comer is made of.

9. Ana Sia

NNMF_AnaSia2I will always support Ana Sia for holding it down solidly as one of my favorite female DJ’s out there right now (possibly only seconded to TOKiMONSTA).

Fast beats that get feet moving on the floor and never lets up. She keeps in touch with what really makes people move as opposed to what is popular right now as a seasoned DJ should.

10. Woolymammoth

NNMF_WoolyMammoth2I got to see this for myself. I have been banging a few of this guy’s heavy trap bangers when I really feel like break my neck from headbanging. No sooner do I find out, this guy is 17 years old and also raps on a bunch of the songs I’ve been feeling. Great producer, dark bass and trap beats. I think he is going to be one of the sleeper hits of festival.

Check out this tune to get you trapped out while smoking on Pineapple Express.


5 More Honorable Mentions

11. NastyNasty
12. Jobot
13. Pumpkin
14. J Boogie
15. Little People