So, I’m driving out to the suburbs for work today and I’m trying to race like crazy to get back home before the first, major snow event hits Chicago right in time for rush hour. (Tom Skilling, the nation’s highest-paid weatherman, is live-bloggin’ the snowfall as I’m writing).

I’ve got Disco Biscuits pumping on the stereo, and I swear there’s something with this band that causes me to become euphoric. I mean, I read an interview a long-time back with Jon Gutwillig and he’s quoted as saying (or something along the lines of)…

“My dad always told me that if I was going to make music, I better make it euphoric.”

Maybe that’s just positive visualization or some bulls*** like that, but I swear their music invokes that reaction in me. What’s more, I really think that the set I was listening to was really, really messy anyways. I’m sure many fans don’t call the September 27, 2001 Bisco show the one show to rule them all, and if you look at the mess of the second set, you’d be surprised to hear some of the sheer beauty that really came out of it.

All of this struck me while I was driving, so I wish I could have audioblogged it or something. Like, dial a phone number and start talking…”oh nice, they’re going back into Jigsaw Earth from 7-11–hey asshole, get out of my lane…” You know, something like that. I think I’ll look into it actually. I’m pretty sure it can be done–all while autoposting the end result straight to a blog. Yeah, I’d probably want to edit myself, but you get the picture.

And the whole time, the Disco Biscuits continue to rage on my Saturn SC1 stock stereo like never before. Man, I cannot wait until February (with moe.) and March (Jam in the ‘Dam). I’m literally psyched.