The set times for the Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, CA were just released, signaling that the event is right around the corner. Despite not being able to lock down the Rolling Stones (We’ve heard it was much closer than you think), this year’s lineup offers some damn fine Main Event choices (RHCP, Stone Roses, and ). However, with these large-scale music festivals, the real gems usually lie in the under-card sometimes away from the crowded Main Stage. There’s nothing better than ‘discovering’ a band at a festival for the first time, inching closer to the stage and making a mental note to listen again soon.

To make it a little easier, we’ve sorted through the lineup and picked out some bands you shouldn’t miss. And just in case you can’t make it to the desert, we’ve also singled out the sets scheduled to stream on .

Alt-J (Performs Friday, April 12 & 19)

One of the rising bands on the scene today. The Mojave tent at 5:20pm will likely be packed but well worth it. Here’s a sample of their live performance… – AF

Alt-J - Full Performance (Live on )

How To Destroy Angels (Performs Friday, April 12 & 19)

A midnight set! When creates anything, we pay close attention. While news of big return in 2013-14 (with of King on guitar!) has us worked into a frenzy, this new project is equally intriguing and the live show should be pretty spectacular. How To Destroy Angels includes Reznor, his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, as well as Rob Sheridan and , his constant collaborator on several late-period projects and recent dream team partner for past, present and future film scoring projects (Social Network, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). – WH

(Performs Friday, April 12 & 19)

We’ve covered in the past and if scheduled correctly, could be one of the highlights of the festival. They’ll benefit from an early set in the Mojave. – AF

(Performs Friday April 12 & 19)

We’ve been tracking this new indie supergroup ever since we first heard “Would That Not Be Nice” come across the airwaves back in August. After seeing them in the Hollywood Cemetery we can vouch that ’s latest project is a surefire can’t miss. No matter who else is playing at the time. (4:35-5:20pm) – WH

(Performs Saturday, April 13 & 20)

It’s well documented here at LMB that are one of our favorite bands. We can’t stress enough how moving their live show is. A festival set may not be the ideal place for the Icelandic group but it’s still a must on this list. Looking over the set times and the unavoidable conflicts, vs Sigur Ros on Saturday night rises to the top. Good luck with that one. closing out the Outdoor Stage on Saturday would be our pick. – AF

(Performs Saturday, April 13 & 20)

In my experience, has completely stood out from the rest at both festivals I’ve had the chance to watch her perform ( 2009 & 2010.) The artista’s rash, bouncy style is akin to a cross between and . However, to try comparing her style too closely to any artist in particular is a losing cause, Monae is a generational talent and a true artist in every sense of the word. To say that Monae thrives in the festival setting would be an understatement. Prepare to have your jaw-dropped. – WH

Janelle Monáe - Cold War, Live @ Nobel Prize Concert 2011

FOALS (Performs Saturday, April 13 & 20)

We thought their second album was good and so did critics, but FOALS Holy Fire upped the ante in a big way. Check out “”: – AF

(Performs Saturday, April 13 & 20)

Because they are likely to play this song: – WH

(Performs Saturday April 13 & 20)

Rising quickly amongst the ranks, this 26-year old from a small town looks like he belongs at a 60’s hippie convention but once he opens his voice, you’re transported to an R&B club with 70’s soul. The Gobi tent in the afternoon (3:35-4:20pm) is the perfect spot for Stone. Don’t miss it. – AF

- Unaware (Live From His Mother's Living Room)

(Performs Saturday, April 13 & 20)

He founded the awesome band and his latest solo effort album Wakin’ on a Pretty Daze will be released just in time for . The album is already making the rounds (on NPR) and garnering ‘Best of 2013’ rumblings…I haven’t stopped streaming it myself, especially the lead track which you can watch below: – AF

- 'Wakin On A Pretty Day' track set to moving images

(Performs Saturday, April 13 & 20)

After seeing them open for last year I said I’d make a point to check out a full performance. Their sonically layered style and the desert backdrop will go hand in hand. – AF

- "Sleep Forever" (Live at Stubbs)

(Performs Sunday, April 14 & 21)

Lonerism is one of our favorite albums of 2012 and their first Innerspeaker is no slouch either. The bandwagon is filling up pretty quick and I’d recommend checking them out before they’re playing giant festival sets and you’re 1,000 feet from the stage. – AF

Tame Impala [Modular Studio Session]

(Performs Sunday, April 14 & 21)

Another “Best Album of 2012” darling, ’s project is just getting started with a full tour this summer. We can’t stress enough how great the band is in a live setting. If you like and — we think Father Johh Misty is right up your alley. – AF

Father John Misty - Full Performance (Live on )

(Performs Sunday, April 14 & 21)

First, check out the documentary Searching for Sugarman. You can actually stream it for free if you subscribe to . Once you watch the doc we think you’ll at least be interested in checking out a song or two. -AF

(Performs Sunday, April 14 & 21)

may not be a name you’ve heard of yet, but I guarantee that you’ll have it firmly planted in the front of your brain when you reflect on the year in music after festival season. He’s one of the newest artists breaking through in the world and he’s an entirely new breed of musician that demands attention. Well, not a new breed in that he actually plays his instruments and builds songs and live production on the fly using tons of DIY controllers, a laptop, a drumset, percussion, etc. Far too many DJ’s and electronic artists are just “pressing play” these day, but that is not how Robert DeLong brings his live act to the masses. With the recent release of Just Movement, an appearance on Letterman, and being added to every lineup this year with the best talent in the business, he’s going to have a huge year. -JW

ROBERT DELONG - "Global Concepts" - (Live from Venice, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN

Luckily for those staying home, Coachella has continued their tradition of broadcasting select sets throughout the two weekends. We’re able to create our own version of Coachella, thanks to . Here are some of the notable artists scheduled to be broadcast and luckily most of the bands we’ve highlighted in this preview and some more LMB faves made the cut.


Alt-J (5:10pm)

Allen Stone (6:10pm)
Portugal. The Man (6:55pm)
The (9:30pm)
Janelle Monae (10:45pm)
Phoenix (11:35pm)

The (5:15pm)
Tame Impala (7:00pm)
Father John Misty (7:15pm)

Tune into Coachella’s YouTube channel for the full list of performances. Fingers crossed that and Sigur Ros get added late…

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