has been on an absolute tear as of late. Specifically since their eighth album, The came out in September of last year. Jeff and Co. have been traveling from city to city, armed a deep catalog they seem to be changing up on a nightly basis. Except for ‘’, which is thankfully played at every gig and should be until either leaves or they break up all together (gasp!) will be committed to bringing you coverage of the remaining US so keep checking back. Last night played and on Friday and Saturday they play the in , CA. Check out the video for “Sunloathe” and my plea to Jeff after the jump

, released a video of “SunLoathe” directed by @PeterGlantz art by crew member Nathaniel Murphy. It’s a pretty trippy video that you’ve got to see.

Wilco - "Sunloathe"

A Plea to Jeff for an Electric Spiders (Kidsmoke):

return “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” to it’s rightful place in electric ladyland. Lately, the band has been offering us an acoustic take on “Spiders”, but in my not-so-expert opinion, it has hindered the song for this very reason. The original direction, a psychedelic jaunt through ’s paranoia is lost with an acoustic guitar. Let shine on “Spiders” like we all know he can. This is a simple plea to Mr. Tweedy and if you agree with me (how could you not?), drop a comment below and tweet to @Wilco with the following hashtag #ELECTRICspiders. You can thank me later. Here’s proof of it’s magic:


Ticket Giveaway:

Don’t miss out on Wilco’s first trip to the legendary on September 30th! Win two from @LiveMusicBlog. It’s easy, just head over to the giveaway page and enter in the commments section.

Wilco‘s Remaining 2012 U.S. Concert Dates:

Fri, Sept 21 , CA (Check out the official print from Nate Duval)
Sat, Sept 22 Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre
Sun, Sept 23 Reno, NV Grand Sierra Theatre
Tue, Sept 25 Jacksonville, OR
Wed, Sept 26 Redding, CA Cascade Theatre
Fri, Sept 28 Palm Desert, CA McCallum Theatre
Sat, Sept 29 San Luis Obispo, CA Avila Beach Resort
Sun, Sept 30 , CA Bowl (Win Tickets from Live Music Blog)

Bonus Video: An entire performance from 1996


See you at the Bowl and don’t forget #ELECTRICspiders.

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