10 Things We’re Excited To See @ SnowGlobe 2014

Break out your faux furs and oversized steez, my friends!! New Year’s Eve is finally upon us and we have the distinct pleasure of ringing in 2015 up in the Sierra Nevadas with the homies at SnowGlobe. This intimate festival is set in the lush winter wonderland of Lake Tahoe, which is not only one of the most stunning places in the world, but one of the most unique and fun-loving communities you’ll ever experience. There is a broad array of talent packed into the three days, so to help bring some method to the madness, we’ve listed the 10 Things We’re Excited To See at SnowGlobe.

(DISCLAIMER: we’re obviously really excited to see Disclosure, Zedd and Skrillex – this should be an unspoken understanding at this point and for that reason, these names need not appear on out Top 10 List)


2014 has been a year where we’ve seen Snakehips become a regular name to the entire music industry. Through a series of brilliant remixes, he defined his individual style and sound. His version of Banks’ “Warm Water” was feel-good and dynamic – to be honest, I think I like it better than the original. Equally stunning are his original tracks, which are haunting and peaceful at the same time. With an Odesza-type vibe in the background, Snakehips gives female vocalists enough room to soar above with dreamy, sensual melodies. Low-key enough to keep the chill, but vibey enough to get you in the mood – this is going to be a wonderful way to start out on Saturday.

Snakehips – “Days With You” (ft Sinead Harnett)


The Floozies have worked their way up the ranks among this new class of electronic artists over the past year. They have worked tirelessly to perfect their craft and it shows. Their unique brand of electro-funk is going to be a stylistic breath of fresh air at SnowGlobe. Impressive use of electronic elements coupled with amazing instrumentation creates a live experience unlike any other. All the snow bunnies will be shaking their snow booties at this set. If you’ve had enough of Skrillex’s powerhouse of a performance, scurry over to The Floozies set and get a little wavy-er.

The Floozies – “Fantastic Love”


I mean…what’s not to love. Cherub is one of the most captivating and consistently entertaining synth-pop duos in the game. These good ol’ Nashville boys are perfect storm of blissful irreverence and expert talent. With just enough funk, just enough electro and just enough swerve, Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley have pioneered this lighthearted, easy-going sound in the electronic industry. They have showed us that it’s not all heavy drops and driving bass lines, sometimes you need to add some clever lyrics and some groovy vocoder breakdowns. So grab your doses and mimosas, because Cherub will be easing you into Sunday evening with the sexiest New Years Eve pre-funk that ever existed.

Cherub – “Disco Shit”


I have always been a firm believer that hip-hop is the perfect counterpoint to an electronic festival. The energy stays hyped, but you’re allowed to get mean and gritty for a second before you go back to dancing like a disco fairy for the rest of the weekend. Atmosphere has been active since 1989 (aka as long as I’ve been alive) and with this year’s album Southsiders, it’s clear they are still in top form. “Kanye West” is easily one of my favorite Atmosphere tracks of all time. Placed right before Flume on New Year’s Eve, this set is going to be absolutely wild – this is a hard do-not-miss.

Atmosphere – “Kanye West”


2015 is Djemba’s year. After developing his skill with LA’s all-star beat crew TeamSupreme, he is finally breaking into the big times. Fresh off the heels of “Valhalla” (his massive collaboration on RL Grime’s new album), Djemba Djemba recently released a grime-heavy, head-spinning remix of Destructo’s “Dare You 2 Move”. Over and over, he proves the endlessness of his musical imagination. He catches you off guard and keeps you guessing with each release. I know this isn’t the ultimate criteria for judging an artist’s merit, but in an increasingly bland electronic industry it definitely impresses me. His heavy, eccentric sound will be the perfect transition from day to night on Saturday evening. Everybody wants a piece of Djemba…the sky is the limit from here!

Djemba Djemba – “Oh Ok Yeah That’s Cool”


Anna Lunoe is the answer to all of my prayers. She is the goddess that electronic music has been waiting for. Yet another blessing that Australia has bestowed upon us, this bad ass chick is a laidback beat-making queen that blends the soft sensuality of disco and modern electro into something individual, compelling and cutting edge. It doesn’t take a feminist to see that the electronic industry is sorely lacking female icons, but don’t worry – this unassuming raven beauty is poised to grab that spotlight and make it her own. She’s playing at the same time on Saturday as Flux Pavillion and that’s a serious no brainer. #girlpower

Anna Lunoe – “All Out”


This guy has had a hugely transformative year. Completely abandoning his festival-ready sound, Porter Robinson took ahold of his creative destiny and brought to life a beautiful vision all his own. Worlds is introspective and dynamic – in short, a masterpiece. The “Worlds” tour that followed the album’s release built off of the grander design of the album and showcased Porter’s talents in a whole new way. Though he’s said to be returning to some of the grinding banger-style sound of yesteryear at a couple of upcoming dates, Robinson will be brining his live show to the glittery perfection that is Lake Tahoe. Oh and he also turned 22 this year, so what are you doing with your life?

Porter Robinson – “Lionhearted” (feat Urban Cone)


Earlier in 2014, I saw Odesza play a itty, bitty club in east LA and it was clearly amazing. “These guys are going somewhere,” I said to myself. Fast forward less than a year, and Odesza is getting ready to perform to two nights of completely sold-out crowds in Hollywood’s historic Fonda Theatre. In a matter of months, these guys have sky-rocketed into the consciousness of mainstream music. Creating evocative, danceable tracks, Odesza constructs subtle, soaring melodies. They have stuck with their vision since the beginning, and they deserve all of the success that is coming their way. Even Ellie Goulding can’t shut up about them. We truly can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store these Seattle boys.

Odesza – “All We Need” (feat Shy Girls)


There is no denying that 2014 has officially been The Year of The Flume. It started with those songs with Chet Faker – just amazing. “Drop The Game” takes my breath away every time. And so how was he at Coachella, you ask? He was THE #1 best set, no question. His Lorde remix broke the internet wayyyy before Kim Kardashian posed naked. We could also talk about his casual side project, What So Not, which is also legendary and also playing at SnowGlobe.

So honestly, out of all of the amazing New Year’s Eve options out there this year, I don’t think there is anybody I’d rather spend my last moments of 2014 with than this Aussie visionary. He has infused the electronic industry with a vibrant, creative new swagger over the past year. His music is strange, heavy, rhythmic and utterly addictive. Young and hungry, Harley Streten has much to celebrate this year and I’ll be damned if I’m not there to celebrate with him.

Lorde – “Tennis Court” (Flume remix)


#1 on this list belong to the real headliner of the weekend: the spectacular, majestic beauty that is Lake Tahoe. Every festival-goer knows that the experience is more than just talent—its about atmosphere and setting. There will be many moments during the weekend when I find myself standing in complete awe of the world I am surrounded by. Also, if you’re a superhero of some kind, you can hit the mountain all day and still have enough time to shower and get to the festival by the time big things start happening. And afterwards, you can keep the party going at your kushy ski cabin/kitschy casino hotel room just as long as you like. Here is some Tahoe-porn for you to help you realize the magnitude of beauty you are about to bear witness to.

Make sure to check out last year’s recap video from our good friends over at Cinesthetics to get a sense of what this adventure is going to be like.

Tickets are sold out for 12/31, but passes for 12/29 and 12/30 can be purchased here. So travel safe and we’ll see you guys out there! We’re already counting down the days.

Look out after the festival for a complete breakdown/photographic evidence of the shenanigans. Happy Holidays!!