10 Artists Everybody Will Be Talking About After Coachella 2014

It’s getting close to that time of year again —- beautiful, sun kissed masses of eager young people congregate in Indio, CA to see “omg like their favorite band ever”. Though it’s evident that a growing percentage of Coachella festival-goers are only there to see and be seen, there is still a hugely loyal base of fans that have been attending the festival for years because of one un-deniable truth: Coachella is really, really fun.

Yes that’s right. After arguing about which weekend to attend, after coughing up an arm and leg for a ticket, after battling with now ex-friends about camping or condo (camping, always), after buying enough bottled water to supply a small country, Coachella is an unforgettable experience. Haters gonna hate on every festival lineup released ever, but this being my fifth year attending Coachella and knowing that there are plenty of things to hate on, this lineup is definitely not one of them.

Coachella often serves as a platform for smaller-name artists to jump from. As one of the first major festivals of the year, the performances in Indio often set a precedent for the reason of the season. Here’s our run down of who we think everybody will be talking about after their blissful weekend in the desert.

10. Flume

This Aussie producer has an incredibly unique style that fuses jazz, hip-hop and electronic elements in complicated, diverse ways. His recent work with Chet Faker on their Lockjaw EP is mesmerizing. His live show is commanding and heavy—people are thirsty for an electronic talent like his. Oh yeah, and he’s totally dreamy, so perfect for the Coachella girls (and me) to swoon over.

9. The Knife

This elusive brother-sister duo has left their North American fans yearning and this triumphant return across the Atlantic can’t help but get people talking. Their innovative and mysterious synth-pop sound is entrancing, and their set may prove to be the most liberatingly strange dance party you’ve ever been part of. With only seven dates outside of Coachella, you won’t have much of a chance to get weird unless you’re in Indio.

8. Caravan Palace

And now, for something completely different!! This self-proclaimed “electro-swing” group hails from the electronic mecca of Paris, France—and they are bringing some of the freshest sound to Coachella this year. Tight jazzy beats and intoxicating instrumentation help bring their innovative sound to life. Incredibly talented and charismatic, Caravan Palace will have you feeling like you FINALLY got invited to Gatsby’s party.

7. Solange

As Beyonce’s younger sister, she has big Louboutins to fill. Fiercely unique and off-beat, Solange’s sound is a creative departure from her sister’s mystique. Trust me though, she has some serious girl anthems of her own. Relate-able and groovy all at once, she is absolutely divine. I’m picturing a 4:30pm set on the Outdoor Stage as the sun begins to lower in the sky; it will be unforgettable. She knows she has big Louboutins to fill. #GIRLPOWER

6. Classixx

This electronic rock duo from Los Angeles will be right in their element at Coachella. Their feel-good brand of boogie will drag the stragglers out of their tents and back into the Sahara tent. With excellent vocal samples, a disco edge and soaring synth melodies, these may be some of most eligible electronic anthems of the year. This will be the perfect way to kick your Sunday into high gear as you set out for one last hoorah.

5. Blood Orange

Coachella crowds know not the gift they have received with this one. The multi-talented creative genius of Devonté Hynes has been busy writing masterful albums for other artists (like Solange and Sky Ferreira) while quietly continuing to develop the soulful, vibed-out sound of Blood Orange. His sexy R&B style is quintessential Coachella —- it will occupy the same facet of your heart as Toro Y Moi and Little Dragon. He hasn’t hit the stage in awhile, so we are very excited to see what he has up his sleeve.

4. Jagwar Ma

This infectious Australian duo has been charming the small venues of America all year with their dancey psychedelic rock. Catchy, upbeat vocals from Gabriel Winterfield perfectly accentuate the rhythmic layers of instruments and sounds crafted by Jono Ma. Like a hazy blend of Tame Impala and MGMT, this is exactly the right thing to please the beaming crowds of Coachella.

3. Chance The Rapper

Out of nowhere—a forward-thinking, charismatic dude from Chicago truly changes the landscape of hip-hop with his highly anticipated project Acid Rap. The creativity of Chancellor Bennett truly knows no bounds. His message is hopeful and positive, but his perspective is realistic and relatable. On stage, his is electric—uplifting and impressing his audience with skill and passion. He is set to hit several other festivals so far, so his set at Coachella will certainly build anticipation. DON’T MISS IT, GUYS.

2. Big Gigantic

You’ve probably heard about them before, or maybe they opened for that one Pretty Lights show you can’t really remember? Well, wake up—Big Gigantic are about to blow up and you’re going to be glad you can say that you were there. With Jeremy Salkan on live drums an producer Dominic Lalli doing his thing on the saxophone, their sound is infinitely more musical than that other DJ you want to go see. They are also masters of the remix, which is never not fun. Big Gigantic has been building a dedicated fan base in the electronic scene for years—but after a solid performance at Coachella, I think they are poised to take it to the next level. Plus, would you just look at how saxxy Dom is.


André 3000 and Big Boi will bring that silky smooth ATL sound back to life for the very first time in 10+ years and that’s nothing short of monumental. Comparable to Snoop and Dre of Coachella 2012, this dynamite duo will spare no extravagance on their long overdue reunion. Even those idiots saying, “whateverrrr I don’t even know any of their songs” will be shaking it like a Polaroid picture. It may actually be the only thing people are talking about. And 40+ dates to be added to their tour? I guess good things come to those who wait.

Who else is going to blow up after Coachella?!