300 Posts

The Live Music Blog has hit 300 hundred posts! Yay! Happy Friday!

Thanks to all the peeps that keep on coming back. I hope to have some work done on the site this weekend, including a new podcast and some new album reviews. I’m excited about the album reviews, too. Some folks have been gracious enough to send out some press packets to me, and I take that very seriously. It makes me happy, in a serious way. Seriously.

That being said, please email me if you have site suggestions, requests, problems, issues, stink-lines, whatever. Also, if you have a band that you’d like to promote, and you can prove that they completely kick-ass live, we’d like to review them. We’d like to hear their music. We’d like our readers to read about their music. Pleass send us some stuff. Email me, and we’ll discuss.