Well this is a bit alarming. Coming off a week of racial tension and Nazis marching through Charlottesville, Michael Travis, the drummer behind String Cheese Incident and lead in EOTO, decided to get on Facebook and say some stupid shit.

The String Cheese Incident’s Michael Travis has posted a pair of public apologies for his recent social media comments. Over the weekend, the drummer engaged in a series of long, stream-of-conscious posts on his personal Facebook page that many of his friends, fans and fellow musicians have called antisemitic—and many others have described as hurtful. []

This blew up on PT over the weekend, too.

And at this point, Travis has since apologized…twice. String Cheese Incident hasn’t said anything but people are blowing up their Facebook asking for comment.

Hi everyone. I know I have caused quite an uproar here in the last few days. I have learned so much about prveledge and oppression and the pain of a subjugated people. I have learned about myself. Know that I love everyone and my original post was meant simply to seek for fresh solutions to this abomination of a problem that has raised its head again here. That was truly my only goal: I am so sorry to those I have offended and will take what I’ve learned into all my future days. This new Nazi wave must be stopped. There is no doubt . I pray for a solution that is peaceful where education and humor and compassion can be our “battle” cry.. And to police can be counted on to incarcerate those that proliferate this madness.
Please accept my apology and recognition of error.

Then this one:

I feel compelled to put out another apology and recognition of my extreme ignorance and shame regarding my previous statements about Jewish banking. I truly had no idea the banking thing was a central tenant of the Nazi agenda . Unbelievable I know. My understanding of history is obviously seriously lacking..I tend to hunt for conspiracys that mess with everyone’s lives and found that and spouted out without due research or consideration for how my words effect others. I feel like scum. I have nausuas for two days surrounding this. I don’t know how to make amends enough. The internet is a powerful place where words never die and I would hate for those previous comments to be where our greater community places me… I have respect for all people and wish us all freedom and joy and abhor the Nazi agenda . If you feel my sincerity in this matter please help spread This message in places where you see people taking my previous statements as my stance on the matter..


If you roll through his Facebook page it’s pretty clear he’s on the #RESIST vibe of trying to fight back against Trump, so at least he has that going for him. Quite an odd juxtaposition.