Deep into night nine of The Baker’s Dozen run, on Maple night, Phish brought back a very beautiful piece of music that I don’t think we see nearly enough: “Swept Away” and “Steep”.

13 minutes of absolutely beautiful Phish right here… so glad they released this.

We’re through 10 nights of the run so far. Check out the setlists and notes from each show below.

Night #1 (Coconut 🌴)
Night #2 (Strawberry πŸ“)
Night #3 (Red Velvet πŸŽ‚)
Night #4 (Jam Filled πŸ‡)
Night #5 (Powdered πŸ™)
Night #6 (Double Chocolate πŸ’©)
Night #7 (Cinnamon 🍩)
Night #8 (Jimmies 🌈)
Night #9 (Maple 🍁)
Night #10 (Holes πŸ•³)

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