Twin Shadow knows his way around a gloss-pop arrangement perhaps better than anyone out there these days and therefore it’s abundantly appropriate that he just released this dimly-lit bedroom style cover of 10cc’s 1975 track “I’m Not In Love” (from the band’s 3rd LP Original Soundtrack). The fuzzed-out and extremely random bed-jumping scene in the middle is merely lagniappe to this glistening little cover. Tip of the hat to George Lewis Jr. for offering up this Friday acoustic gem.


10cc “I’M NOT IN LOVE”

…and here’s a snippet from an insanely detailed recollection from 10cc regarding the intense recording process for this tune:

“I mixed down 48 voices of each note of the chromatic scale from the 16-track to the Studer stereo machine to make a loop of each separate note, and then I bounced back these loops one at a time to a new piece of 16-track tape, and just kept them running for about seven minutes. Because we had people singing ‘Aahhh’ for a long time, there were slight tuning discrepancies that added a lovely flavour, like you get with a whole string section, with a lot of people playing. Some are not quite in time, some have slightly different tuning, but musically a lovely thing happens to that. It’s a gorgeous sound. A very human sound, very warm and moving all the time.”