My Morning Jacket fans have had a good year with this Spontaneous Curation Series, and last night it struck another nerve in our crew here as the band dusted off “Octoplasm” at the first night of their three night run at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY. The online only release that sounded way out of left field for the band and seemingly was going to usher in a whole new “sound” finally graced the stage with its presence. I’m pretty sure our very own @Phortin can die happy now.

Here’s the full setlist from the show via the band forums:

Heartbreaking Man ->
X-mas Curtain
Outta My System
Evelyn is Not Real
The Way That He Sings
Off the Record
Steam Engine
Thank You Too
You Wanna Freakout
Nashville to Kentucky
Smoking from Shootin ->
Twilight ->
Jam ->

Butch Cassidy
Bermuda Highway
Welcome Home
Day is Coming

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