Furthur continued their extensive Fall Tour tonight at the beautiful SDSU Open Air Theatre in San Diego, CA. The show just finished with an encore of “At a Siding” > “Terrapin Flyer”, “Ripple.” Check out the complete setlist and some photos from the road via @FurthurBand.

Setlist : Furthur @ SDSU Open Air Theatre, San Diego, CA 10/2/12

I: Greatest Story Ever Told, Cold Rain & Snow, El Paso, Lazy River Road, Black Throated Wind, Mason’s Children > Cumberland Blues

II: Casey Jones, Aiko Aiko, Estimated Prophet > Dear Mr. Fantasy > New Potato Caboose > Dark Star > Caution > Eyes of the World, Dear Prudence

E: At a Siding > Terrapin Flyer, Ripple

10/02/12 Furthur Setlist

Tweets from the Show:


SDSU Open Air Theatre, San Diego, CA, Photo by Dylan Carney

Furthur next plays The Joint in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday, October 11th.

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