Okay, so we know this show announcement is WAY EARLY, but such declarations are necessary when a band like rolls into town, especially when there’s no special occasion besides a good, old-fashioned FUNK THROW DOWN. Landing on the hallowed stage of Tipitina’s Uptown, the celebrated brainchild of New Orleans is hauling their Odyssey into the Crescent City on September 8, 2012, so mark your calendars, your computers, your iPhones, the backs of your eyelids – mark any and everything you can with a reminder to make this show, because when Galactic comes into town, things get weird and they get portly plump with outer space funk.  Obviously we’re going to remind you about this again and again and again, but we figured it’d be dutiful to start early. Plus, it’s a little but like that story in the bible where those dudes in comfy robes talk about the Second Coming, about how things get all radical crazy and New Orleans is ultimately considered Heaven (that’s how it goes in the book, really).  So, it’s monumentally important, and you have to make sure to be a part of the rapture and laterally ascend into Tipitina’s this September, or else you’ll be left behind.

Live from Jazz Fest 2011.


With the main man, .

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