We were fortunate enough here at LMB NOLA during this year’s , as we made new friends, wished old friends goodbye, and generally had way too much fun and saw way too much good music. If you’re reading this site there’s a good chance you did the same thing, and we still plan on wrapping it all up slowly but surely over the humid-ass summer that’s quickly approaching. While our new editor gets his digs in order, we’ll keep posting stuff around these parts just like any normal summer…

Like, well, this gallery below. If you joined us for the Garage a Trois throwdown at One Eyed Jack’s on May 4th, you’d know that this is one of the looser shows I’ve ever seen these four dudes play. At one point, I actually saw completely lose himself in the groove, as he mouthed the words, “Where’s the ’1′?” in Marco’s direction towards the end of the set. Crazy. Just think about that, even Stanton got lost in the grooves!

All in all I had a great time and our friends Ali and Mike Kerr were there to take photos and get some video clips. Read on for the action:

DSC_0599 (1280x850)
DSC_0605 (1280x860)
DSC_0617 (1280x850)
DSC_0621 (850x1280)
DSC_0630-2 (989x1280)
DSC_0699 (1280x850)
DSC_0706 (1280x1024)
DSC_0732 (1025x1280)
DSC_0734 (920x1280)
DSC_0739-2 (987x1280)
DSC_0762 (1280x912)
DSC_6058 (1280x850)
DSC_6101 (1280x850)
DSC_6105 (1280x850)
DSC_6113 (1280x850)
DSC_6159 (1280x1022)
DSC_6168 (1280x917)
DSC_6172 (1280x850)
DSC_6195 (847x1280)
DSC_6207 (1280x850)
DSC_6209 (855x1280)
DSC_6227 (912x1280)

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