Garage A Trois took the stage at One Eyed Jacks last night rockin’ matching gray Puma track suits, setting the tone for the full-fledged weirdness that would ensue. One of the music universe’s more intriguing collaborations, Garage a Trois meshes the musical stylings of four immensely talented musicians into something altogether unique, disruptive, and powerful. During the show, my buddy and I joked over PBRs that it would be impossible to label Garage A Trois’ sound without throwing ‘fusion’ on at the end for good measure, and a day later I’ve accepted the fact that it would be a disservice to put Garage a Trois into any specific category(ies). Blending elements of funk, jazz, rock, hip-hop, punk, metal, ska, and whatever they feel like exploring on a given night, Garage a Trois’s sound is truly one of a kind.

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