I’ve been excitedly following the updates from Nathan Moore’s spontaneous tour through Northern California, dubbed the Hippy Fiasco Tour. What started with two iPhones and a lack of proper cell phone reception has turned into a High Sierra family reunion of sorts, with the crew getting treated to custom t-shirts, beer from Lagunitas Brewery, and a wonderfully welcome vibe from the fans in the area that are making sure that Nathan is staying busy and hopefully recouping some costs from his festival jaunt out here in the first place. When I first heard of this I immediately thought best to help out wherever possible, and the first thing that came to mind was that I really want to pack the Connecticut Yankee tonight when the tour rolls back through San Francisco.

The Yankee is a good spot for the gang and I figured it’d be ripe for a small crew of musical friends that would perhaps join Nathan on stage (Trevor Garrod, I’m looking in your direction). But nothing had been announced through yesterday, so being so bold as I was — I offered myself up as a DJ for the night to help bring out a big audience of my friends, Nathan’s friends, some of our random Twitter followers, whatever — I just wanted to help bring folks. And I’ve been working on this awesome space rock dub electronic one-man show lately called Dude House, and I’ve played a few slots around San Francisco and keep getting good feedback about some of the jams I’ve been laying down. Musically, space rock dub and Nathan Moore’s good-hearted folk tunes are a perfect fit. The crew loved the idea, so we’ve got ourselves a little shared showcase tonight as you’ll now get to see your trusty editor wrecking the decks at setbreak and following Nathan’s set. Sickness.

Hopefully this is the first of many of these type of events that I hope to start putting on in the future. I’ve been a fan of live music for so long and I’ve been working on music in the background for the past few years, this time coming firmly to terms with my love for electronic music, dubbed effects, and drum machines. And I feel that if I’m to sit here and be a critic and help drive some buzz online to the music I love, I also have to be willing to contribute to that world and bring some fresh music into being that the world hasn’t heard yet.

Join us tonight for the fun, and bring your friends. We’re also tentatively planning to webcast the show assuming we can get an internet connection at the venue; stay tuned for that and stay on our @LiveMusicBlog account to get updates from the show.

Nathan Moore

Support: Dude House
Conneticut Yankee
100 Connecticut St.
San Francisco, CA