This is my first try at live-blogging from the Beacon, and my first try with this phone. If things don’t go perfectly, please accept my apologies in advance.

During the course of the evening I will do my best to update the setlist (including the VIP Soundcheck at 5:00PM). The blogging client I’m using on my phone seems to crash every time I try to include a picture, so I’m not hopeful that I’ll be able to include any during the show. When I get home (I live close to the venue) I’ll be sure to update this post to include some photos.

4:57pm – waiting in lobby while they do the real soundcheck…

5:14 – VIP Soundcheck Setlist
Warren has specifically said “bad karma will fall on anyone who leaks what we play now on the Internet”. And I don’t need any bad karma, so I’m respecting his wishes.

6:00pm stage dark

6:30pm @ Starbucks keeping warm, waiting for friends to arrive. The VIP soundcheck was interesting – it seemed to be an actual soundcheck, not a “mini-set” of pre-determened songs, which is what a lot of folks thought it would be.

8:07pm in the Beacon again, security decided to push the border of inappropriate on the way in

Set 1
Broke Down On The Brazos
Rocking Horse >
Banks Of The Deep End
Lay Your Burden Down
Steppin’ Lightly
Any Open Window
Devil Likes It Slow with Jon Herrington & Bill Evans
Sco-Mule with Jon Herrington & Bill Evans & Dance To The Music chorus

Set 2
Railroad Boy >
Monday Mourning Meltdown >
Beautifully Broken >
Wandering Child >
Drums >
Drums & Bass
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home with David Hidalgo
Dear Mr. Fantasy with David Hidalgo
Thorazine Shuffle

Encore 1

Low Down Dirty Shame with David Hidalgo
Look On Yonder Wall with David Hidalgo

Encore 2
Woodstock First Time Played

Gov't Mule
Gov’t Mule

David Hidalgo and Danny
David Hidalgo and Danny Louis

More photos here.

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