Phish’s Fall Tour opens tonight in Detroit where the band will hit to stage and shout “Hello, Ohio” to start the show. EPIC.

Seriously, how amazing has this summer been? This entire year has been a dream come true for Phish fans far and wide, East Coast and West Coast, and it just keeps rolling on. In the spirit of the tour opener, I thought I’d ask everyone to reflect a bit on their absolute, mind-tingling, hair-on-your-neck-standing-up moment of the year for you as a fan. Where were you when you had that moment where you lost yourself in all of this? I’ve had so many of those moments in the ten shows I saw this year, but hands down the epic moment for me was seeing the band tear through “Split Open and Melt” at the second night of Red Rocks while it was pouring hard rain on the entire audience. There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by 6,000 like-minded folks while you’re all getting soaked and watching your favorite band together. Good times.

Drop some comments to get psyched for tonight…we’ll have setlist updates tonight and plenty of commentary to go around…

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