I got an email from the Metermaids the other day with this track attached:

Metermaids – Two Rows of Teeth vs. Thriller [mp3]

It got me thinking that I haven’t been hearing too many bands work some level of Michael Jackson tribute into their sets these days. I guess that’s not crazy surprising to anyone, but I half-expected almost every show I saw after that event would feature some level of Thriller tease, a Beat It jam, or something similar. Am I just not seeing the right bands or is this too cliche to expect from any self-respecting touring musician?

I’m going to look into this one a bit. I know there are plenty of MJ tributes before his untimely passing but I’m curious as to whether or not people feel they can do it justice now that he’s gone. And if you want to catch the Metermaids tackling the MJ tributes, they’re playing at The Studio at Webster Hall in NYC tonight.

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