Review: Holy Fuck @ The Independent, San Francisco 8/27/09

Holy Fuck @ The Independent, SF

Last Thursday night I got to see one of my favorite bands to see live, Holy Fuck, but the show left a little bit to be desired in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I had seen them like, five times the previous year and accepted the fact that their set would likely be pretty similar all along the way. Fast forward to a year later and I’m living in San Fran now, and it appears the band is pretty much playing the exact same set they’ve been playing for the past few years. For a fan like me, I guess I demand a bit more out of the artists I continually go see live, and sadly this band may have just dropped into the “maybe I’ll see them if it’s convenient” category of artists that I bucket in my head with my rampant over-critical nature.

That said, I had a great time at the show with my fellow band mates and got some good inspiration for some new melodies I should bust out on my next Bebot jam. They opened with “The Pulse” like they always do, but no one can deny that this is potentially one of the best set-openers ever written. When they got to “Super Inuit,” and raged through that, I mimicked the sample that starts “Lovely Allen” into my friend’s ear and the band followed me with the actual sample about 5 seconds later. Thankfully they did take an encore break and they came back with three songs that seemed to bring a lot more energy into the otherwise lifeless crowd.

The Bay Bridged went and got some good photos from the show.

If you’ve never seen these guys live, I think they’re a solid bet. Here are their dates on JamBase. They’re playing Bumbershoot coming up and then playing on Halloween at the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago with the Disco Biscuits. Now that would be a hot show…

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